We Work to Make Sure You Receive the Full Retirement Benefits You Are Entitled to Under the Law

The Problem

When the owners of a company sell part or all of the business to the employees as a retirement asset, it sounds great. Unfortunately, the employees are often not given all the details about how that Employee Stock Ownership Plan (the “ESOP”) really works. Sometimes, the employees paid too much for company stock, while the owners weaken the company by taking on a huge loan to pay for the ESOP deal. Too often, the employees are left with greatly devalued company stock as their retirement benefit — and the company struggles because it is burdened with too much debt

The Solution

The legal team at the law firms of Feinberg Jackson Worthman & Wasow and Outten & Golden are committed to protecting the employees’ retirement savings. We use a powerful federal law called the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) to ensure that retirement savings are safe and secure. ERISA requires that if employees are owed more retirement savings, the company or those responsible for mismanaging the retirement plan pay every dollar owed to the employees.


Our attorneys have returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the retirement savings of employees across America. We have sued dozens of companies, and achieved victories against the largest law firms in the world. We work hard to help our clients recover the retirement savings their hard work has earned, and that these savings are secure for when they are needed.

If you work for a company that has an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), you may be entitled to higher retirement benefits than you have been told you would receive under the ESOP.

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